LCC Women’s Volleyball

Fall 2013 Women’s Volleyball Team














The Lopes kicked off their 2012 season by winning the Lamar Classic Tournament for the first time in school history. The team closed the regular season with a record of 16-20. At the region tournament, they went 1-2 but took out host team McCook CC before being defeated.

2012 Individual Accomplishments

Several players were ranked in national NJCAA statistics, as of 11/6/12:

Kindle Kirkam: 2nd in total kills(448); 3rd in points (529); 8th in hitting percentage (.399); 13th in aces (53); 22 in kills/set (3.37); 23 in points/set (4.0); and 48th in aces/set (.40).

Kira Kirkam: 3rd in total assists (1,246); 12th in assists/set (9.23).

Jaden Noe: 39th in points; 41st in kills (295); and 48th in hitting percentage (.300).

Petal Isadore: 1st in nation in solo blocks (83); 4th in points (504.5); 5th in hitting percentage (.4.14); 12th in total blocks (126); 13th in kills (366); 31st in points/set (3.8).

2012 Team Accomplishments  

The team ended up 6th in hitting percentage (.318); 7th in solo blocks (212); 9th in aces (251); 11th in assists (1,474); 14th in points (2,121.5); 16th in kills (1,581); 21st in total blocks (290); 28th in aces/set (1.71); 35th in assists/set (10.03); 37th in digs (1,657); 43rd in points/set (14.4); 44th in kills/set (10.76).