The Business programs at Lamar Community College will help you get started or advance your career in Business or Accounting.  Our programs provide quality academic coursework and highly qualified instructors to help you develop the skills necessary for success in today’s workplace.

Tax Help CO

If you’re ready to learn some business skills that you can immediately put into action, consider taking Tax Help CO (ACC 132/133).  In this class you’ll learn the skills you need for preparation of federal and state income tax returns for individuals.  Whether you want to earn money on the side preparing taxes or you intend to continue as your career, Tax Help CO is a great way to start.  

Degrees & Certificates

Business & Marketing Options

Business Articulation A.A. Business Articulation Degree Plan
Business A.A.S. Business Degree Plan
Accounting Certificate Accounting Certificate Plan
Business Certificate Business Certificate Plan
Business Certificate Marketing Technology Specialist Certificate

Associate of Arts Degree / Emphasis in Business

An Associate of Arts degree with a Business emphasis is designed for students who plan to transfer to a business program at a Colorado four-year college/university. The curriculum is designed to provide a student with a background of general education and basic principles of business. This degree offers a strong fundamental foundation of business theory, procedures and practices.

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business

While Business Certificates offer curricula which integrate business and information technology, the flexible AAS in Business allows students to expand both their knowledge and career opportunities.  By the end of the program students are prepared for line supervisory roles in office settings and can effectively communicate through data entry, PowerPoint presentations, word processing, and desktop publishing. Students will also demonstrate posting/billing skills. (catalog)

These degrees and certificates are designed to prepare students for careers in:

• Accounting
• Finance
• Insurance
• Real Estate
• Entrepreneurship
• General Management
• Human Resources
• Non-Profit
• Small Business Owner
• Marketing

Program graduates will be able to:

  1. Professionally communicate both verbally and in writing, using various acceptable techniques to transfer information.
  2. Demonstrate a working knowledge of effective management techniques acceptable to business standards.
  3. Discuss and apply knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and lawful business practices (including ethics and social responsibility).
  4. Demonstrate the ability to construct effective marketing plans and professional business plans.
  5. Design effective advertising campaigns and sales strategies as they apply to professional business standards.
  6. Identify and recognize current events as they apply to modern economic trends and analyze potential business opportunities.
  7. Discuss, interpret and employ various Macroeconomic and Microeconomic concepts as they apply personally, locally, and globally.
  8. Employ and operate various accounting concepts effectively while maintaining standards acceptable in the modern professional business environment.
  9. Transition into a variety of four-year (Bachelor’s) degree programs.
  10. Demonstrate mathematical skills relevant to basic business logic and professional environments.

A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems

This degree program is designed to equip students with a broad background in applications programming systems and computer operations. The goal of the program is to provide students with the practical skills and competencies to enhance employability in IT occupations which focus on technical support.

Accounting, Business and Marketing Technology Specialist

The Accounting, Business and marketing Technology Specialist certificate programs offer students the workforce skills to perform the essential functions within the scope of practice that an individual desires a career/employment in. The three certificates are “stackable” into the AAS degrees.

Accounting Certificate

By following this certificate plan, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to gain an entry level accounting job.

This one-year program teaches the student basic accounting and payroll skills and offers more accounting theory than the bookkeeping certificate program. It augments a student’s basic writing skills as well. With electives, the student may pursue additional knowledge in income tax, business law, business report writing, and/or accounting software packages. The certificate prepares the student to be a full charge bookkeeper in an accounting department and equips the student with the skills needed to advance beyond that level. The program gives the student the necessary academic background to complete an associate or bachelor’s degree in accounting, if one so desires.

Business Certificate

Today’s business support person performs the functions of a coordinator of various activities in many business organizations. These responsibilities, coupled with sophisticated technologies, offer a greater challenge than ever before, along with many rewards. The one-year Business Certificate provides students with basic knowledge and skills necessary for an entry-level position.

Marketing Technology Specialist Certificate

This certificate will provide skills to promote marketing within a small business, including an understanding of technology used in marketing with hands-on projects. Students will gain an understanding of broad marketing functions in management settings while gathering information about the business environment.

Computer Technician Certificate

This certificate prepares students for entry level positions as computer technicians, focusing on computer repair, installation and maintenance of operating systems, basic security principles, and networking for the small and home office. Students will also focus on the design and configuration of safe and secure technical infrastructures including hardware, telecommunications, systems software, operating system, and systems configuration components.

The Computer Technician certificate programs offers students the workforce skills to perform the essential functions within the scope of practice that an individual desires a career/employment in. The three certificates are “stackable” into the AAS degree.

Program Details

Entrance Requirements

  • High school diploma or equivalent

Cost of Textbooks/Supplies

  • Tuition based on total number of credits taken.
  • The cost may vary from semester to semester.

Faculty & Staff

Mittie Helm

Business Faculty
Phone: 719.336.1582

Joe Shields

Business Faculty
Phone: 719.336.1548

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