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In the Sports & Exercise Science program at Lamar Community College, you’ll get hands-on learning opportunities that will help you start a career in personal training or gain a solid base of knowledge and practical experience to help you pursue a career in healthcare at the next level. The program will help you develop your knowledge of human movement, stress management, and physiology to improve quality of life for both individuals and society.

Degrees & Certificates

Sports & Exercise Science Options

Sports & Exercise Science Degree A.S. Sports & Exercise Science Degree Plan
Health and Wellness Certificate. Health and Wellness Certificate Plan

Associates of Science Degree in Sports and Exercise Science

The LCC plan of study in Sports & Fitness Management provides students the hands-on skills needed for care and prevention of athletic injuries. There is rigorous coursework in the anatomy and physiology of sports injuries. This Associate of Science degree is designed to prepare a student to transfer to a bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training, Pre-physical Therapy, Sports and Conditioning or other sports-related areas.  During the Capstone of the course, students demonstrate their proficiency in the hands-on skills needed for care and prevention of athletic injuries.  Our course of study in Sports and Exercise Science also provides students the learning outcomes necessary to optionally take the National Council on Strength and Fitness certified personal trainer exam (NCSF-CPT). Successful completion of this exam results in certification as a Certified Personal Trainer.

Health and Wellness Certificate

The Health and Wellness Certificate program (HWP) is focused on developing students who can demonstrate knowledge of human movement to improve quality of life for both individuals and society.  It will prepare students for jobs in personal training, as well as in physical and occupational therapy settings. HWP majors will demonstrate the ability to reflect on and clarify their own values resulting in genuine respect for differences among people and ideas in individual, group, community, and global health promotion settings. HWP majors will demonstrate effective oral and written health communication skills. HWP majors will develop skills to effectively motivate changes in health behavior, utilize health assessment tools and to plan, implement and evaluate health promotion programs among diverse populations and in various health promotion settings.

Certificate recipients will be able to:

  1. Illustrate and apply professional employability skills, such as the ability to communicate, convey and design personalized health promotion programs for individuals.
  2. Apply an understanding of human movement, personal training and physical therapy to the Health and Wellness professional industry.
  3. Research, design and implement health assessment tools for the purpose of individualizing clients’ progression plans.
  4. Emphasize and promote cultural competency in professional, community and classroom settings.

Assessment Plan

Students will create a culmination project, an effective and appropriate nutrition and fitness plan for a simulated and/or genuine clientele.  This will incorporate barriers to compliance (ie. past medical history, injury, cultural sensitivity, body image, schedule, etc.) and be able to communicate to the client the reason rationale and possible solutions to barriers.

Program Details

Entrance Requirements

  • High school diploma or equivalent

Cost of Textbooks/Supplies

  • Tuition based on total number of credits taken.
  • The cost may vary from semester to semester.

Student Testimonials

The Sports & Exercise Science program has broadened my understanding and knowledge of the human body, in all aspects. I now know that the way we breathe, eat, train and think can improve function. I feel more prepared and excited for my future and the career I decide to pursue. -Lexi Alvarez

Faculty & Staff

Jonathan Hughes

Sports & Exercise Science Faculty
Phone: 719.336.1910

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