Skills Assessment

An important part of a student’s orientation to LCC is the basic skills assessment process. To ensure that students are ready for college and the workplace, LCC complies with Colorado Community College System policy (C.R.S. 23-1-113.3) which requires that new students demonstrate basic skill proficiencies in reading, writing, and mathematics.

The assessment requirement may be met through ACT, SAT or college-administered Accuplacer tests. Most students must meet the assessment requirement including the following:

  • All first-time undergraduates who are degree-seeking or who convert to degree-seeking status
  • All first-time degree-seeking students (certificate students not meeting the cutoff scores are encouraged but not required to take advantage of the remedial services offered through the College)

Students whose assessment scores do not meet the minimum cutoff scores established by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) are responsible for completing basic skills instruction during their first thirty (30) credit hours of attendance at the college. Those cutoff scores are as follows:

Subject ACT SAT Accuplacer
Mathematics 23 500 85
Writing 18 470 95
Reading 17 470 80


AccuPlacer Next Gen STEM Math Placement

AccuPlacer ScorePlacementUpon Completion
NGQA < 250See an advisor
NGQA 250-264MAT 055 + MAT 025Student can take MAT 121
NGQA 265-300MAT 055Student can take MAT 121
NGAF 235-244MAT 121 + MAT 093
MAT 123 + MAT 093
Initial Math Requirement Met
NGAF 245-279MAT 121 or
MAT 123
Initial Math Requirement Met
NGAF 280-300MAT 122, 125, or 166MAT 121 Waived

AccuPlacer Next Gen Liberal Arts Math Placement

AccuPlacer ScorePlacementUpon Completion
NGAR 200-254MAT 050 +
MAT 020
Student can take Initial
Liberal Arts Math Class
NGAR 255-300MAT 050Student can take Initial
Liberal Arts Math Class
NGQA 230-239MAT 120, 135, 155, or 156 +
MAT 092
Initial Math Requirement
NGQA 240-300MAT 120, 135, 155, or 156Initial Math Requirement

AccuPlacer Next Gen CTE Math Placement

AccuPlacer ScorePlacementUpon Completion
NGAR < 255See an advisor
NGAR 255-264MAT 102, 103, 107, 108, 109, or 112 +
MAT 091
Initial Math Requirement Met
NGAR 265-300MAT 102, 103, 107, 108, 109, or 112Initial Math Requirement Met

AccuPlacer Next Gen Test Score Codes

NGWRAccup Next Gen Writing200-300
NGARAccup Next Gen Arithmetic200-300
NGQAAccup Next Gen QAS200-300
NGAFAccup Next Gen AAF200-300

AccuPlacer Next Gen English Placement

AccuPlacer ScorePlacement Upon Completion
NGWR 200-224CCR 092 +
CCR 091 (Or Boot Camp)
Student can take ENG 121
NGWR 225-235CCR 092Student can take ENG 121
NGWR 236-245CCR 093 + Any GT Pathway ClassStudent can take ENG 121
NGWR 236-245CCR 094 + ENG 121Initial English Requirement
NGWR 246 +ENG 121Initial English Requirement

Students wishing to complete basic skills testing prior to arrival at LCC should contact a tutor coordinator for assistance to identify qualified testing sites.

Assessment Schedule

    • Testing is available by appointment throughout each semester.
  • Please contact Linda Freiberger, the Testing Coordinator, for additional information by calling 719.336.1528 or by emailing

More Information

Transfer credit: Students who have completed general education “core” academic course work with a grade of “C” or better at another institution and have official transcripts on file in the LCC Registrar’s Office prior to the day of assessment, will be exempt from part or all of basic skills assessment.

Test accommodations: Students with a documented disability may be eligible for reasonable accommodations for the purpose of taking the basic skills assessments. A request for accommodation, accompanied by appropriate documentation, must be filed with the Special Populations Coordinator at least one week prior to assessment day. For more information, contact Special Populations.

Required remediation: Students determined to need remediation in math, reading, and/or writing are required to enroll in and successfully complete remedial courses. Course descriptions for these courses may be found in the back of the Lamar Community College catalog.

G.E.D. TESTING phone: 719.336.1538 or