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Why pay more for your college education? The College Opportunity Fund, or “stipend,” is money set aside by the state to invest in your education. Currently, you’ll save $64 per semester credit hour when you sign up, and that adds up to BIG $$. To be eligible, you must be a qualified Colorado resident. Sign…

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LCC has implemented an easy way to receive student refunds. Upon admission, students receive HigherOne debit cards. Future refunds will be applied to these accounts. Learn more.

Upcoming Events

 139 (Large Lecture Hall)
 Betz 100
 Betz 103
 Betz 130
 Betz 229
 Betz 230
 Betz 231
 Betz 241
 Betz 243
 Betz 244
 Betz Atrium
 Betz Technology Center
 Bowman 128
 Bowman 129
 Bowman 138 (Small Lecture Hall)
 Bowman 139 (Large Lecture Hall)
 Bowman 147
 Bowman 148
 Bowman 150
 Bowman 219
 Bowman 220
 Bowman 221
 Bowman 222
 Bowman 232
 Bowman 233
 Bowman 234
 Bowman 235
 Bowman Hallway
 Buchanan Events Room
 Coors Field
 Equine Complex
 Grass area Between Betz & Trustees
 Grass Area South of Bowman Building
 Kelly Union Cafeteria
 Lamar Community Building
 Large Lecture Hall (139)
 LCC Softball Field
 Merchant's Baseball Park
 Prowers County Fairgrounds
 Residence Halls
 Sidewalk north of Bowman
 Spreading Antlers Golf Course
 Trustees 114
 Trustees 124
 Trustees Building
 Wellness Center
 West Betz Conference Room
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